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Innovative and inspiring spectacles.
Bringing you quality outdoor arts.

Apus Productions are an established street theatre production company and have been touring walkabout street theatre since 2007. They are based in Hull which was named Uk City of culture in 2017.

They have a current repetoire of seven street theatre acts that tour nationally and internationally. All the acts are walkabout mix and mingle with two having static performable show options. They are all family friendly and can be performed during the day or night time illuminated.

They have performed at street theatre and green field festivals and events such as Freedom Festival Hull, Glastonbury, Spareparts Festival, Festival of the Sky, the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race and the Welcome to the Forest event as part of the first London borough of culture celebrations. Internationally they have performed at Sighet in Romania; Waterford in Ireland; Mumbai in India, Leon in Spain and Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Doha in the Middle East.

With their high quality repetoire they fit many themes and events types. They have large scale puppetry, pedal powered crazy contraptions, intimate encounters and highly costumed stilt walkers, all performed by professional actors.

The Birds

These fantastical giant birds with their stunning fanned tails entertain and inspire audiences. Accompanied by Major Apus, the avid birdwatcher and wildlife enthusiast, they are a real treat for children and families.

The High Flyers

High Flyers resembles an early flying machine with elements of Madmax and Leonardo da Vinci all rolled into one.


Set in a future dystopia, this pedal powered flying machine, has it’s own sound track and is accompanied by two performers, it can be a walkabout act or deliver static performances.

Santas Airforce

Santas Airforce resembles an early flying machine with elements of Madmax, Leonardo da Vinci and Christmas all rolled into one.


This pedal powered flying machine, has it’s own festive themed sound track, and is accompanied by two elf performers.

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